Cousins, the models for Holly Ellen Designs, make the best friends.
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Sunday, April 23, 2017
By Holly Ellen Gay
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Often times people ask me "Where do you find your adorable models!?" Well, besides using my own two handsome guys, I recruit cousins, lots of cousins!  It has reached the point that they all have my number. I know exactly what they are thinking "Ugghhhh, Auntie/Cousin Holly is going to make me model hats again!" The older ones will just yell "Quick, run!" If I am lucky I can hoodwink the younger ones. The older ones now have to be bribed. I know that someday they will all look back at these photographs and get a kick out of them. I foresee them all joking and poking fun, that in every picture they are wearing Holly Ellen Designs' Scally Caps. 

I am thankful for all of these pictures and the precious memories that they are making. Cousins are often times your first friends. Unlike siblings there is a certain thrill that is associated with hanging out with these guys. Cousins can be more comfortable than friends. They accept you the way you are and there is a sense of camaraderie. As an added bonus, your Moms and Dads are already friends, so naturally play dates last longer. Most likely this is where the first sleepover is held. Cousins are good for sharing jokes, keeping secrets, building blanket forts, playing hide and seek, scheming, having dance parties and endless play. If you are lucky enough to have these childhood playmates you will find that they grow up to be some of your best adult friends. 

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Holly Hess - True treasures for sure!
Sandra Grove Schipul - A treasure trove of cousins - how nifty for Auntie Holly’s creative talents
Holly Hess - Thank you for providing the "Duane Boys".
Danielle duane - awww, love it!! cousin time can't be beat, love you guys xoxo