Finishing the Ring Bearer's Look with a Holly Ellen Scally Cap
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Thursday, May 04, 2017
By Holly Ellen Gay
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Your wedding day is the culmination of a thousand little details that artfully come together to create your perfect day. I know this, because I recently married my Prince. There are the big decisions, such as venue, menu and photographer but sometimes it's the little finishing touches that make it so very special. I have found that in the years I have been making scally caps, they are often purchased to complete the ring bearer's look. The ring bearer has a very special job on your big day. These little guys in their suits, bow ties and scally caps can be real showstoppers. Holly Ellen Designs' scally caps are the perfect choice. Each cap is handmade in the traditional fashion offering a vintage look, as opposed to other commercial designs. Holly Ellen Designs' caps are made to order, with custom orders welcome. Caps are made in seven different sizes to assure the perfect fit. 

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